First Week of Classes

This blog highlights the challenges and successes of a working mom and wife going back to school. #BAWMgettingMBA

Orientation. I woke Nora up so I could take this photo, and also see her before I left for the day. Which is why she’s still in her Pajamas. 

To say that I am nervous is an understatement.  What am I getting myself into? I am a mom, wife, work full-time, and I’m going back to school part-time to get my MBA. Luckily, I have strong supporters around me.

Selfie with Herky before Orientation began.

  1. My husband.  #My#1supporter.  Driving home from our Weekly Sunday night dinner at Grandma’s house, I told John I was nervous about my #firstweekofschool and he knew just what to say. “You will be a Bad Ass Mom getting her MBA”.  I liked the phrase so I decided to name it the title of my blog. I added the W which stands for two things: Wife and Working Mom. #BAWMgettingMBA
  2. My Mom #TheVoiceofReason. My mom is my best friend. We have gotten much closer since I moved back to town after living in Rochester, Minnesota for four years. Now, we are 1.5 miles away and go on weekday walks and have family pizza night on Fridays. Speaking of meals – I bought an Instant Pot on Amazon Prime day thinking that would help make cooking easier when I go back to school. Well – school starts today and the instant pot is still in the box. My mom the voice of reason suggested that I rotate simple meals for the first few weeks. “Taco Tuesday. Salad Wednesday and Pizza Friday.  That’s 3 meals”. I prefer Taco Tuesday, popcorn Wednesday and pizza Friday-Monday.
  3. My Coworkers #PositivePeers.  I told my coworker that I was hesitant to go back to school right now because I have a 13 month old and I don’t want to spend time away from her.  This coworker is also a #BAWMgettingMBA. She said, ‘Don’t think of it as time away, think of it as ‘me time’. But what about all those weeknights I’ll miss bedtimes and all the time on the weekends doing homework.  “Caitlin, she still takes naps, you can do homework while she’s sleeping’. Just that one conversation changed the way I was thinking and helped me think more positively about investing in myself and going back to school. I applied the next day.

So, yes, I’m nervous, and I’m sure my palms will be sweaty through the whole first class tonight. But I know with my friends and family behind me, these next few years will be successful!

All set up for the first night of class. HERE WE GO!