Please send back up

When you are a small business owner, you make sacrifices.   Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are big.   This weekend was one of those bigger ones.

John and I have worked together producing videos for more than 10 years. Ranging from college sporting events, documentaries, to weddings. This weekend John was taping a wedding in Cedar Rapids, while I was at a bachelorette party in Des Moines. I was at lunch with the girls, when I get John’s text:  “I just threw up”.

John said he had scrambled eggs for breakfast but thought they might have been bad, and it could be food poisoning. He told the photographer, Jeremy, and the mother of the bride, but he was trying to continue taping in-between throwing up several times in the bathroom. But that he had missed most of the Bride and Groom getting ready.

After getting the third text like this, I decided to leave the bachelorette party and help John finish taping the wedding. It was going to take me two hours to get to him, so I couldn’t meet him at the ceremony in time, but I could meet him downtown and help with the reception.  I wasn’t dressed for a wedding so I changed in the car, put on the romper I wore the night before and used my daughters car seat mirror to reapply my makeup and fix my hair.

Since we’ve become parents, I’ve taken a back seat to shooting weddings and it’s been John running our small business on his own. However, throughout the last ten years John and I have taped a lot together, so we were able to pick up where we left off and start taping like nothing had happened and it was all apart of the plan.  John handed me a camera and I went with the girls, and John went with the guys. I then followed the wedding party to the bar while he headed to the reception venue to get some air conditioning and start getting b-roll. By this time, he was feeling a lot better. I shot some more b-roll at the reception for about another hour then I headed home to put our daughter to bed while John finished getting sunset and first dance footage. John and I never told the bride or groom any of this. What they knew is that John’s wife, Caitlin came to help shoot footage after the ceremony. 

Today, we rest at home.  We ate breakfast (John did not go near the scrambled eggs!), I did laundry, John mowed the lawn and he and the baby are taking a nap while I update the blog and reflect. I didn’t think twice about helping my husband and business partner. But would I have done that for any coworker? If I would have gotten that ‘please send backup text’ from another coworker and I was 2 hours away would I have left? It makes me think about my current relationships at work and school, how far am I willing to go to help another coworker or fellow student in need? What would happen if we all showed more respect and caring to our fellow coworkers and students. What if we were all willing to make occasional sacrifices (big or small) to help one another when they ask for help.

Working Title

I’m writing this post as our 4 month old chocolate lab puppy is laying in my lap on the couch.  Isn’t she ADORABLE!?!


This little lady is another member of our family and will contribute to the business blog on occassion.


John and I are working on a lot of behind the scenes stuff this weekend on our business.  I am working on most of the ‘business side’ (aka non-fun things) and John is working on all things creative and ‘techy’.  I couldn’t explain the difference between Canon and Nikon cameras but he would give you a spreadsheet full of similairities and differences, cost comparisons and product reviews etc.  I read this section to him – and he said “It’s true”.  So folks, I’m not just making this up.

We ordered our business cards this weekend and are working on finalizing a payment plan.  We are also determining a turnaround schedule and will set up social media accounts here shortly.  We’re getting excited to have everything up and running, but for now it’s a working title production.