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How to Cherish the Wedding Experience

You spend a lot of time thinking about your wedding. Food that your guests will eat. Wine they will drink. Music for dancing. We rarely stop to think about our own experience as the bride and groom.

Getting up early to do hair and makeup. Figuring out how to pin a boutonnière to a rented tux. The inside jokes and stories shared amongst family and friends.

These are the experiences that our wedding guests rarely see, but to the bride and groom, to you, they are the experiences that make up your wedding day.

Hurry up and wait.

Your wedding day will fly by in a flash. Before you know, the sky above is full of stars and your feet sore from all the dancing. How do you remember this day? How do you remember your wedding after 6 months? A year? 5 years? 50 years?

Most of us have photographs of some kind. Professional, friends, big cameras, phone cameras. Maybe they’re saved in different places. A photo album or book from the photographer on a bookshelf. Facebook pages of friends and family. You have your photos to remember the day.

How do you remember your ceremony? The toasts? The first dances? Your father’s words of wisdom and love while he toasts your new marriage? The advice provided during your ceremony? How do we remember these moments?

Slowing down the day

It might not seem like it at the time, but when your wedding day is done, everything went by too quickly. We don’t have enough time in the day to talk with all of the people, to truly hear all of the wisdom and advice given, to see all the smiling faces, the dancing kids (and grandparents).

Looking back on your wedding day through video is one way to remember those missed moments. The moments we want to remember. The moments that make us cry, that make us laugh, and that make us love again.

Our culture today cherishes objects over experiences, and our weddings aren’t that different. It’s all about having the perfect reception, the perfect dress, the right colors, the right food, and stressing out about all of those choices. When the wedding day is done, however, all we are left with is the experience and the memories.

When the memories fade, what are we left with? How do we remember?

Surprise – We’re Getting Married!

Do you remember that scene in “Father of the Bride” where Annie Banks surprises her parents and says that she’s engaged?  I grew with a cousin who was obsessed with FOB 1 and 2 – so there were many sleepovers together watching this movie.

I bring up this scene because John and I recently video taped a surprise wedding.  The bride is a coworker of John’s and we’ve hung out a few times with the couple outside of work.  They invited us to their engagement party and had asked John to take some video of the party at a local restaurant.  But it wasn’t really their engagement party – it was actually their wedding.

We of course knew about the surprise, but it was a little tricky to shoot and get footage without giving it away to the rest of the guests.  We wanted to blend in as much as we could since the crowd was a mix of coworkers, family and friends.  We knew we needed to act as guests taking photos – but secretly taking footage for a wedding.  We shoot our weddings with a Canon T3i and to the average eye it’s a picture camera – so this fancy piece of equipment helped us “go under cover”.

This bride and groom asked us to record video of their wedding because they weren’t going to be in the room when the maid of honor announced the surpise wedding.  They wanted to see everyone’s reaction.  They wanted to experience the event as their guests experienced it. They wanted to see the raw emotion and raw surpise and joy from their friends, and family.

John and I were very honored to be part of their wedding and a part of their special surprise.


Working Title

I’m writing this post as our 4 month old chocolate lab puppy is laying in my lap on the couch.  Isn’t she ADORABLE!?!


This little lady is another member of our family and will contribute to the business blog on occassion.


John and I are working on a lot of behind the scenes stuff this weekend on our business.  I am working on most of the ‘business side’ (aka non-fun things) and John is working on all things creative and ‘techy’.  I couldn’t explain the difference between Canon and Nikon cameras but he would give you a spreadsheet full of similairities and differences, cost comparisons and product reviews etc.  I read this section to him – and he said “It’s true”.  So folks, I’m not just making this up.

We ordered our business cards this weekend and are working on finalizing a payment plan.  We are also determining a turnaround schedule and will set up social media accounts here shortly.  We’re getting excited to have everything up and running, but for now it’s a working title production.


Ready for 2015

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