Each corporate request we receive is as individual as that company. We offer consulting for all things video.  So if you are a “DIYer” or want us to do it, contact us and we’ll help you out.

  • If you want to make a video yourself but need some guidance to get started, we can help you determine what type of equipment you need, the best place to order equipment.  We can even set up a consultation meeting on best practices for video shooting and editing and advise on how to properly interview to get the best answers on camera.
  • If you are want us to conceptualize, script, record and edit the video…we do it all.  As you might have already read in the “about us” section, we are a husband and wife team who met at UNI while doing *everything video for the college. (athletics, lectures, special events).  *Make sure to ask us about the time John and his camera gear were searched by the Secret Service.


Price for corporate video: contact for quote.


  • We’ve had several nonprofits reach out to us to help them with their video needs.  Video is becoming more popular in the marketing world and small businesses and nonprofits are trying to keep up with integrating video into their marketing strategies. We know all too well how difficult creating a video can be, not to mention time consuming.  Contact us and we can help create a professional video just for you – at a rate you can afford.  We offer nonprofits a 25% discount of the total project price.  And since each video and nonprofit needs are unique – pricing is determined after our first meeting.  Fill out the form on our contact us page to set up your first meeting.


Price for nonprofit video: contact for quote.